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Regular image posts on Instagram and Facebook seem to work fine if you can keep up a high volume of production, but let’s face it, if your posts mostly focus on original designs and creations, instead of photography, creating a new piece everyday is extremely difficult, even without a creativity block. My glitch stuff also usually has a high level of detail so a 600 x 600 square on Instagram rarely does it justice.

So, lately, I’ve been experimenting with different formats and post types when posting my daily works and showcases with the hope of keeping my rate of increase in followers steady while decreasing my post frequency.


The Carousel

By posting a gallery of a few images highlighting different aspects of a new piece, the carousel post was a great choice to showcase the level details in new works. However, because my first carousel hasn’t exactly garnered a tonne of attention, I will have to continue to experiment with which image I place first, how many images I use, and exactly which type of image is a good fit for this post type.

The Video

My latest piece, Cosmic Rain, is a perfect example. The finished piece is 3700px wide and has an extremely high level of detail at the one and two pixel wide level that will never come across after Instagram resizing and compression. So instead of posting a mushy, blurry mess of pixels, I have opted to make my first post about it a video post.

The final image is not quite wide enough for a 4K video, so I have opted for 1080p quality to great effect. By creating different ‘slides’ in the video I can ‘pause’ on different portions of the video and really draw attention to some of the finer details. The use of a video also has the added bonus of audio. With some dreamy sci-fi music in the background, I can pair the emotion in the image with the emotion of the song to really pull the viewer into the piece.  I hope you enjoy!

Music by Eric Matyas